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Another mark in the calendar for the Arquillian team, 1.0.0.Alpha2 has just been released!

The Second fleet of the first wave has arrived!


(... Ooh boy, what a ride! Our transwarp speed engine went critical, had to eject the core and hustle a local merchant at a nearby tradestation for a new coil. A long story for some other time...)


Highlights of the release:


  • @Run(AS_CLIENT) mode: Arquillian only controls the lifecycle of your @Deployment, the test case executes in your local JVM.   
    • Excellent for testing Remote EJBs, WebServices and web pages.


public class LocalRunServletTestCase
   public static WebArchive createDeployment() 
      return ShrinkWrap.create("test.war", WebArchive.class)

   public void shouldBeAbleToDeployWebArchive() throws Exception
      String body = readAllAndClose(
            new URL("http://localhost:8080/test/Test").openStream());

            "Verify that the servlet was deployed and returns expected result",


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<arquillian xmlns=""




The containers you can depoy to in this release:


  • JBoss AS 6.0 Embedded AS
  • JBoss AS 6.0 Remote
  • JBoss AS 6.0 with lifecycle(start/stop as part of the test run)
  • JBoss AS 5.1 Remote
  • JBoss AS 5.1 wth lifecycle(start/stop as part of the test run)
  • JBoss Reloaded (MicroContainer + VirtualDeploymentFramework)   
    • Test your deployers and MC beans !
  • Weld SE
  • GlassFish Embedded 3.0
  • Apache OpenEJB
  • Apache OpenWebBeans


Arquillian no longer exposes the containers dependencies transitively, so you can control which container point release v. or logging framework the Arquillian integration should use. This might sound more complex at first, but see the "Complete Container Reference" in the Reference Guide for Maven examples on how to set this up for each container.


And what's open source without the community?!


Big thanks to the Arquillian and ShrinkWrap community for helping us with this release!


In alphabetical order: Dan Allen, German Escobar, Ken Gullaksen, Sten Aksel Heien, Alejandro Montenegro, Pete Muir, Jesper Pedersen, Andrew Lee Rubinger, Juergen Zimmermann.


And of course thanks to the Seam 3 team for helping with early SNAPSHOT testing, big help!


Testing Java EE should be easy. This summer we're going to show you how.


After all, you know you should test. You know it forces you to consider API design, proves your implementation, documents your code and ensures stability during refactoring. And it seems so easy when you are writing basic unit tests. When call graphs branch, you just plug in mock objects.


But unit tests and mocks can only take you so far. Eventually, you need to test your components in the real world. You know, integration and functional tests. But with so much to setup, it's hard to fault even the most persistent developer for giving up. Real world tests are slow to write, slow to execute and push back that ever important deadline.


It's time to change that perception.


Members of the Arquillian project will be making more than a half dozen stops this summer to show developers how to throw complexity over the wall and create enterprise tests with ease--with some talks already on the books.


You'll discover how to skip the build and test in-container, all without having to leave the comfort of your IDE. We'll present an annotation-driven test harness that reduces boilerplate infrastructure code and hooks into common embedded and remote EE containers from a "pojo" environment.


Below is a list of the talks, dates and conference events where Arquillian will land to terminate once and for all those elaborate test assemblies.


Real World Java EE Testing (slides)pmuirMay 8, 2010JBoss in Bossa
Real Java EE Testing with Arquillian



Jun 3, 2010Jazoon
The Future of Java EE Testing



Jun 21, 2010JUDCon
Throwing Complexity over the Wall:
Rapid Development for Enterprise Java
alrubingerJun 23, 2010JBossWorld
Real Java EE Testing with Arquillian and ShrinkWrap (recording)dan.j.allenAug 13-15, 2010No Fluff Just Stuff
Arquillian Invasion:
Reducing Enterprise Testing to Child's Play



Aug 18, 2010JBoss Community:
Webinar #6
Throwing Complexity over the Wall:
Rapid Development for Enterprise Java



Sep 19-23, 2010JavaOne


Writing a test for a real business object should not create pause. You should be able to tackle an integration test with the same confidence you have when writing a unit test for a calculator class. We're hitting the road to show you how Arquillian and ShrinkWrap provide that experience.