For the observant viewer, you might have noticed the little colored ball in the top right corner of the Arquillian badge on the Arquillian site. For the not so observant one, this is what it looked like:



The ball is the Hudson build indicator. It tells you the status of the latest Arquillian build.


We're proud to show off our latest build status, so now we're taking it one step further...


Meet Emotional Ike!

SUCCESS: Latest build was a complete success. Ike is pleased!

UNSTABLE: Latest build has failing tests, be careful. Ike is giving you a warning for this time..

FAILURE: Latest build failed. Ike is pissed! If you see this, you should run and hide.

UNKNOWN: For some reason the status of the latest build is unknown. With all the uncertainty and doubt, Ike sings the blues.



So if ever in doubt, head over to the Arquillian site to check out Ike's mood in the right side menu.



Big thanks to cheyenneweaver for the awesome graphics! She should be ennobled for all her great work... I'm not going to say to much, but just maybe one day she will...