The JBoss Developer Webinar Series continues on Aug 18th with a talk by alrubinger and aslak on Enterprise Testing with Arquillian. Don't miss this chance to learn how Arquillian can reduce your enterprise testing tasks to child's play, all without leaving the comfort of your IDE!



Webinar Description


You know you should test. You know that testing forces you to consider API design. That it proves your implementation, and that it documents for other maintainers its use. That it future-proofs you during refactoring but with too many moving parts, it's hard to fault even the most savvy developer for giving up. Tests have been slow to write, slow to execute, and push back our deadlines.
It doesn't have to be that way anymore.


In this session, we'll explore techniques to skip the build and stay within the IDE, reduce boilerplate by harnessing an annotation-driven framework, and hook into some common embeddable EE containers from a plain JavaSE environment.

Replays will be available on the Webinar Series page shortly after the talk. Join us afterwards in the #jbosstesting channel on Freenode IRC for follow-up questions.