Europe's first JUDCon is starting off in Berlin next week..


Pete Muir and I will be kick starting JUDCon with a little WarmUp on the 6. October around 19:00 at the Berlin JUG where we will be presenting Seam 3 / CDI and Arquillian to the local Berliners.


On the 7. October at JUDCon, Adrian Cole and I will present "Frictionless integration testing in the cloud" on the Cloud track at 17:30.


The 8. October at JUDCon, Michael Schuetz will present "Seam2: Real integration testing with Arquillian" on the JBossAS 6 and 7 Track at 11:00.


Join us on for these fun days... and don't forget the HackFest on the 7. from 19:00-02:00!