Today sets a new record for Arquillian. Arquillian is being covered in four different presentations, at four different events, in one day: Arquillian D-Day.


Event: Red Hat Developer Day

Speaker: Aslak Knutsen

Presentation: Arquillian


Event: Javaforum Stockholm

Speaker: Aslak Knutsen

Presentation: Introduction to integration testing in Java EE 6


Event: JBUG Belgium

Speaker: Pete Muir

Presentation: Seam 3 / Arquillian


Event: oredev 2010

Speaker: Adrian Cole

Presentation: Java provisioning in the cloud


These presentations are just the beach landing. The main event is next week, Devoxx 2010, where we'll have some big news.


Event: Devoxx 2010

Speaker(s): Aslak Knutsen, Dan Allen & Pete Muir

Presentation: Java enterprise testing made easy with Arquillian (3 hour lab)


See ya somewhere!