As a user of the Artificer command line interface, do you have a set of scripts that you repeatedly run?  Tired of re-typing them?  You can obviously list those commands in a "batch file", then later execute it through the CLI.  Simply use the "-f /path/to/cli-commands.txt" argument.


However, a lesser-known feature of the Artificer shell is the "Log-to-File" option.  When starting the CLI, use the "-l /path/to/cli-commands.txt" argument.  All commands executed during the CLI session will be piped, line-by-line, to the given batch file.  We've also included a new "echo" command that will let your script print out useful logs.  So, rather than creating batch files by-hand, create them dynamically as you execute commands in real-time.


Simple, yep.  Handy, yep.