We've released another quick-turnaround alpha build for Artificer!  This releases adds a handful of features, improvements, and bug fixes.  In all likelihood, this should be considered the feature-freeze for 1.0, and therefore the last alpha.  I'm hoping to have a beta release out fairly quickly!




For the full list of changes, please see the release notes in JIRA: Release Notes - JBoss Issue Tracker

As always, we'd love to hear from you.  Check out Metadata and Software Artifact Repository (Open Source) · Artificer to learn how to get involved and how to follow the project's progress!

Download: http://downloads.jboss.org/artificer/artificer-1.0.0.Alpha2.zip

Docker: artificer/wildfly82:1.0.0.Alpha2

Docs: Index of /artificer/1.0.0.Alpha2

Souce: ArtificerRepo/artificer at artificer-1.0.0.Alpha2 · GitHub