Welp, quite a bit happened after Beta1.  Thanks to a helpful amount of beta testers and several improvements, another beta release was merited.  Note that we're hoping to have Final out late next week, pending additional issues that come up.


A lot of attention was given to performance improvements in this release.  If you haven't already, check out the previous blog post: Huge Performance Increases in Artificer 1.0.0.Beta2





Numerous other fixes and improvements went into the release: Release Notes - JBoss Issue Tracker


Download: http://downloads.jboss.org/artificer/artificer-1.0.0.Beta2.zip

Docs: Index of /artificer/1.0.0.Beta2

Souce: Release artificer-1.0.0.Beta2 · ArtificerRepo/artificer · GitHub

Docker: jboss/artificer-wildfly:1.0.0.Beta2

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