Finally!  It'!


Extensive testing of 1.0.0.Beta2 found only a handful of minor issues, so we're comfortable pressing on without another Beta release.

Obviously, not a whole lot new went into this.  Check out the full list of bugfixes: Release Notes - JBoss Issue TrackerWe did, however, sneak in a couple of enhancements:



A big "thank you" to everyone who contributed to Overlord S-RAMP 0.x and Artificer 1.0, as well as all the alpha/beta testers!  We're excited to see the Artificer community and project continue to grow and innovate.  Looking forward to the next steps on the roadmap -- onward!



Docs: Index of /artificer/1.0.0.Final

Souce: Release artificer-1.0.0.Final · ArtificerRepo/artificer · GitHub

Docker: jboss/artificer-wildfly:1.0.0.Final

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