• xa-datasource configuration problem with MariaDB

    I am doing maintenance in an application hosted on JBoss EAP 6.4, on which we are moving from MySQL to MariaDB. The last step is about using the MariaDB client (org.mariadb.jdbc:mariadb-java-client:2.4.0), for which ...
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  • How to configure prepared-statement-cache-size in a XA DataSource with IJ Embedded ?

    Hi,   I'm using IronJacamar embedded, with XA Datasource. I want to setup the prepared statement cache, but the configuration is not used.   I'm configuring it just like a non-XA datasource :   <?x...
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  • Connections from java:/JmsXA being used concurrently

    In WildFly 10.1.0.Final (but also already with 8.2.1.Final) installations with higher load (no cluster), we often see that the same JMS connection obtained from the "java:/JmsXA" connection pool is used by two threads...
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    created by dode
  • Rest service returning 404 Not Found developed using Rest DSL in Fuse 7

    Hi, I am using Fuse Karaf 7.0.0 and have created one blueprint OSGI bundle for implementing a Rest and SOAP both. For SOAP I am using cxf and it is running fine. For Rest where I have chosen to use Rest DSL is compil...
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  • JBoss-EAP-6.1: Where is located this jar: ironjacamar-deployers-fungal-1.0.17.Final.jar?

    Hi   ON a JBoss-eap-6.1 installation, I am looking for the jar that contains this class org.jboss.jca.deployers.fungal.RADeployer. From my understanding, It should be packaged in a jar named ironjacamar-deployer...
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  • Dumping leak connections in WildFly with IronJacamar

    Hi   After configuring IronJacamar to dump leak connections information, the "leaks.txt" file is nowhere to be found. I am using WildFly 10.1, and database is MySQL.   I am following IronJacamar documentat...
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  • Random wrong channel/hostname/port when connecting to queue

    Hello,   The application tries to connect to IBM MQ Queue using wrong connection parameters (hostname or port or channel) when sending a message on the queue .   It seems that these parameters are default ...
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  • Connection being referenced from previous thread/transaction

    Hi there,   We have an application (Hibernate 5.1 + JBoss Seam 2.3.1) currently running on Wildfly 10.1.0.Final. The application relies on a JTA datasource (interleaving=false) that connects to a MySQL database....
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  • Will fungal been updated ?

    Hi,   I'm asking this question because I'm using it in production, but I have some concerns about fungal.   Fungal is used as the deploiement bootstrap in IJ embedded. But fungal has not been updated for ...
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    created by sewatech
  • IdleRemover thread in Wildfly is removing ResourceAdapter connection

    I am facing an issue with Resource Adapter connection. ResourceAdaptor is deploying perfectly however after 45 mins IdleRemover is destroying the connection automatically. In my application I do not want IdleRemover ...
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  • autocommit question

    I've created a web application using Sun Creator 2.1 and try to deploy it in JBoss 4.0.4. However, I saw the following exception: 14:33:26,329 ERROR [STDERR] java.sql.SQLException: You cannot commit with autocommit s...
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  • DB Connection Max Reuse Time

    As the title already suggests, is it possible to configure a maximum reuse time for pooled connections?   I have the following in mind: Optimizing Connection Pool Behavior - Setting Connection Reuse   I'm...
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  • Caused by: javax.resource.ResourceException: IJ000451: The connection manager is shutdown: java:/generalDS/atg/dynamo/service/jdbc/OraTestDSFakeXA

    Getting below exception while server shutdown using JBOSS EAP 6.4 and ATG 11.2   18:33:07,549 ERROR [/atg/dynamo/messaging/SqlJmsProvider] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 183) null: java.sql.SQLException: javax.re...
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  • How to shutdown IronJacamar embedded properly ?

    Hi,   When I shutdown IronJacamar embedded, some non-daemon threads are kept alive. That's a real problem when I try to embed IJ in a webapp.   Here is the simpler exemple that shows my problem : public s...
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  • How to set JNDI port in IronJacamar Embedded

    Hi,   I'm trying to embed IronJacamar in a Tomcat web app. My starting point was the example no Narayana's gh repo : https://github.com/jbosstm/quickstart/tree/master/jca-and-tomcat   My problem is that I ...
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  • NestedSQLException: Apparently wrong driver class specified

    Hi, all, I am trying to add a data source in JBoss 3.2.1 to access MS SQL Server 2000 using Microsoft JDBC driver. Here is the data source configuration file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> &...
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  • resource-ref jdbc/dataSource found in jboss-web.xml but not in web.xml

    Hi all, Am having problem in deploying application with jboss, it gives  error below,   Failed to parse WEB-INF/jboss-web.xml; - nested throwable: (org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: resource-ref j...
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  • Can't get IJ embedded to work - resource adapter class is null

    I'm trying to get a more-or-less full stack of enterprise pieces to run on top of Tomcat, including ActiveMQ, Weld, and embedded Narayana/IronJacamar. I'm very close to getting it all to work, but I keep tripping up o...
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  • websphere MQ resource adapter giving invalid connection definition

    Hello All,   I am trying to connect my wildfly with websphere MQ 7.5   I created the resource adpater and added it to the standalone-full.xml   <resource-adapter id="wmq.jmsra.rar">   &...
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  • Misleading error code in case of missing dependencies

    Hi I was more than a day analyzing an error reported by the resource adapter deployer saying that the class XXX has to implement the hashCode() and equals() methods. Strange was and this confused me totally, that the ...
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