• How to use List of objects in Drools Test scenario.

    Hi All,   I am writing test scenario in drools workbench for testing the rules.   Rules are having a list of objects. When i try to use that list in Test scenario, it shows 2 options   1. Guided Lis...
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  • Java error at the first stage for 11, found in top-level directory (unnamed package not allowed in module)

    Hi, I have popped up in the error  "found in top-level directory (unnamed package not allowed in module" with ava version java 11.0.2. Could you tell me how to fix it? thanks in advance. kind regards
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  • Retrieving private method information using Javassist

    I am using JavaAssist to read class information. It is a good and very useful tool. However, what I have noticed is that it does enumerate or returns the private methods of the class. Is there a way I can retrieve pri...
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  • dynamic rule

    i need to provide dynamic  role and RHS .how i can handle it in drl file ?
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  • Javassist replacing incorrect expression

    Hi, At the beginning I would like to say that I'm just starting with Javassist, so please be understanding. I know that Javassist allows to replace methods and constructors, but i would like to know if it's possibl...
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  • java.lang.IllegalStateException and javassist.CannotCompileException during application deployment

    I am getting the javassist  exception while deployment the .EAR file . I am using Java 1.8 SDK  , IBM JDK 1.8 . In my pom.xml file , i am using 3.19.0-GA javassit dependency and spring version 4.2.5.RELEASE ...
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  • WELD-001300: Unable to locate BeanManager

    Buenos días:   Al ejecutar la aplicación web muestra el siguiente error: Caused by: javax.naming.NamingException: WELD-001300: Unable to locate BeanManager   at org.jboss.weld.resources.ManagerO...
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  • Javassist 3.20.0-GA, StackOverflowError with $sig in call to static method

    I'm getting a stackoverflow error on using $sig in a static method.   Exception in thread "main" java.lang.StackOverflowError         at javassist.runtime.Desc.getClassType(Desc...
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  • Javassist no such method error

    I am using Powermock 1.6.3, Mockito 1.10.19, Javassist 3.19.0-GA on Java 1.8. I am getting the following error for classes that mock static methods:   java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javassist.CtMethod.hasAnnotatio...
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  • [ANNOUNCE] JSFCentral Presents:  AngularFaces and BootsFaces put JSF on Steroids

    In the first article, they will explain how these frameworks can be useful in your JSF Projects and highlight their main features.  The second article will get you started developing a simple project.  The l...
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    created by kito99
  • Java 7 and Java 8

    Hi   The latest version is already 1 year old. And it is said that Javassist has some problem with Java 7, is that true? I also wonder how will Javassist support the incoming Java 8. Is there any plan for it? &#...
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  • Resolve classes correctly

    am having trouble at the moment with imports in javassist. I had a look at the Javassist Tutorial, where it said I should use the importPackages(String packagename) method, but when I tried that I am still getting the...
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  • Types with private constructor

    Hi all, I need to declare and use an instance of a java.utils.logging.Logger cause int he project I have been working on I can't configure system out to print to console. How can I declare a Logger, and more in genera...
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  • javassist - thread creation event

    How do we add instrumentation code at events like thread creation and destruction through javassist ?
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  • BCEL, Java assist :-Getting “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError” on running with javaagent

    I am trying to instrument a jar file (main.jar) with javaagent.jar using BCEL. basically where ever I find any aload in bytecode, I m trying to insert a function call to a static function called Fun() in class "somecl...
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    created by rahulk7858
  • May i know JBOSS EAP 6.3 support following tools?

    JDK 1.8 Mojarra 2.1.27 Primefaces 3.4.2 and 4.0
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    created by anuragdims
  • $proceed($$) for private methods

    I get a compile error when Javassist is trying to compile a method replacement when the method is private.   method.instrument(new ExprEditor() {      public void edit(MethodCall m) throws C...
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  • When does a superclass' methods get resolved by Javassist?

    I have an existing class that I want to use as a superclass for a new class definition.   CtClass ctNewHandlerClass = ClassPool.getDefault().makeClass(newClassname, ctExistingClass);     Something tro...
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    created by mattbishop
  • Using $$ to call varargs methods

    Is it possible to use the '$$' entity to call a vararg method of type Object? I am failing to do so, and wanted to ask.   I want to call a method that looks like this:        Result han...
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    created by mattbishop
  • Getting NullPointerException in create() method

    Hi,   I am using javassist-3.15.0-GA.jar which is a part of jboss 7.2 modules. When executed a code to create proxy of class from multiple threads simultaneously, sometimes, I am getting NPE. java.lang.NullPoi...
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