• javassist not injecting annotation on an existing field

    0 down vote  favorite      I'm trying to inject JAXB annotation at runtime using Javassist. I have written following code: public class AssistAnnotationInjector {    public stati...
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    created by geekerebos
  • Javaassist and Java Web Start. Its posible?

    Hi, i'm triying to deploy a desktop application with one class modified at runtime by javaassist. In my computer it's working fine, but when i deploy and start it by Java Web Start i'm facing several problems, last of...
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  • Any way to reload or rebuild a class with different methods/member data?

    I can successfully create class definitions at runtime using Javassist, but I also need the ability to rebuild the definitions to add/remove/change member data and their getters/setters. Is this at all possible? I'm u...
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    created by stodge
  • Drools forum

    Is there a forum for Drools questions?
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    last modified by alexhm
  • Interaction of javassist and java.lang.instrument.Instrumentation.appendToBootstrapClassLoaderSearch(JarFile)

    Inside "public static void premain(String agentArgs, Instrumentation inst)", I invoked "appendToBootstrapClassLoaderSearch(myJar)" to add myJar into the search path of the bootstrap classloader.   Java reflectio...
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  • Can I delete the modifier of a method with Javassist?

    Hello, everyone.   I have a class file.   public class ClsSync {            public synchronized void biat(){        ...
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  • insertAfter yields "No such field" error

    I have to edit Labels that are being defined inside the constructor of a class. I decided to redefine them at the end of the constructor.   public class StaticPraxMMod {     private static final S...
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    created by markasllen
  • License ambiguity to hopefully clear up.

    Dear all,   first post, but I have a question about the license it may be used under.   from Chiba Shigeru's home page: http://www.csg.ci.i.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~chiba/javassist/ we have a triple license terms...
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  • Can JavaAssist change a static final field?

      "test_javaassist" wrote: I have a public static final field (say a String), with an intial value. (public static final String CODE = "Code";) Can I use JavaAssist to change it during load time? THANKS
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  • Does Javassist 3.17.0-GA have to be used with Java 1.7?

    Does Javassist 3.17.0-GA have to be used with Java 1.7? Is it intentional?   I have the below error. You can reproduce with Java 1.6 and this:   git clone git://github.com/ngocdaothanh/xitrum-new.git cd x...
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    created by ngocdaothanh
  • Is it possible to get a pre-GA download of Javassist 3.17?

    I want to determine if the new javassist-160 solution solves my project interactions between Javassist and Java 7. Is there an evaluation copy that we can download?
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    created by lisahenderson
  • Insert code at the end of catch block

    Hi,   I need to insert code at the end of catch block at runtime.But I have two problems with this.   1) Start of cathc block is stored in the handlerPc of the exception table. How to get the end of catch...
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    created by lezhik
  • Where can I download the source code for Javassist 3.4 ?

    Hi, Newbie here. Where can I download the source code of Javassist 3.4 ? Do I need to register at JBoss.org to be able to download it ? I've been searching the site and I cannot find the source code for Javassist n...
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  • How to manage instrumentation in application deployed on JBoss?

    Hello everybody,   I'm trying to instrument classes in JBoss Enterprise application on JBoss EA5.0   Using this code:   public byte[] transform(ClassLoader loader,       ...
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  • When will Javassist 3.17.0-GA be available?

    Hi,   When do you think Javassist 3.17.0-GA will be released?
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    created by muppet_tizer
  • Field names/access problem

    Hi, I've got the following problem. When I insert code in methods eveything is just fine. I can access and modify a field value referring to it just with it's name. The problem starts when there are two (or more) fie...
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    created by adforcello
  • Lazy method transformation

    I'm using Javassist to instrument methods with specific calls. I'm used to apply modification during class loading, but with big classes with a lot of methods to be instrumented this requires a lot of time (usually 5...
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    created by adesanctis
  • how to show hashmap value in textbox

    hi...how can i show the hashmap value in my interface..i have a textbox and whenever i click the combo box i want the value to be shown in the textbox. i am not using any database
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    created by annette_arpana31
  • mapping of parameter and generic parameter types

    Hallo together, I'm wondering whether the length of the arrays returned by java.lang.reflect.Constructor.getParameterTypes() and getGenericParameterTypes() should be always equal, i.e. whether it's a bug if they're n...
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    created by krichter
  • Compile problem with interface initialization

    Hi there! I implemented code to my project that makes use of javassist. However, I constantly fail to implement an interface to a new class I create. Here is the code I use (adapted from http://www.javaranch.com/journ...
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