• try ... finally

    The docs for 3.0 still state that try ... finally is not supported. Is this true? I would very much like to use Javassist for a particular application, but being able to use a finally clause is critical.
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  • Read value of variable with Javassist

    I'm using Javassist to get the Fields on a Class, using the following code:   for (CtField ctf : ctclass.getDeclaredFields()) {    System.out.println(ctf.getName()); } Thus, all the variables of the ...
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    created by diego.adrada
  • Instrumenting Object comparison statements

    Hi,      Is there a way in Javassist to instrument object comparison statements. For examples statements of the form ( a == b) and ( a != b) . I searched the tutorial and the API and could not fin...
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  • Probleme avec le Hotswap de Javassist

    import java.io.*;     import com.sun.jdi.connect.IllegalConnectorArgumentsException;     import javassist.util.HotSwapper;         public class Test {     pub...
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    created by heavenkhn
  • Why creating a new CtTypeClass while compiling

    A Question regarding the usage of CtClass I have a scenario where I first add a new field to the class and then add insertBefore which is using that new field.   I noticed javassist on the insertBefore has acc...
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    created by amitabakoptier
  • ClassPool:   getCtClassVs makeClass. Why getCtClass not synchronzied while makeClass is synchronized ?

    ClassPool.makeClass is a synchronized flow while ClassPool.getCtClass API is not synchronized. Thing is ClassPool.getCtClass may end up creating a new CtClassType Its not clear its not being synchronized just as ma...
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    created by amitabakoptier
  • javassist and interfaces defining a method which throws an exception question

    A Question regarding the JVM spec and how javassist is expected to handle it. I’ve an interface IMyFactory extending the Remote interface. It declares a method foo() which declares throws RemoteException so wi...
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    created by amitabakoptier
  • java.io.EOFException

    Hi,   I'm using javassist (3.16.1-GA) to change some existing classes and create new ones.   On the first stage I modify all my classes to inject new getters and setters for all declared fields, this works...
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    created by sergioffpc
  • Using Javassist without compilation

    I know it would be so funny question.     Can I use a Javassist API, such as methodB.insertBefore("System.out.println(...)");   without the entire compilation of class "A"?     For example...
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    created by mksong
  • Please help me on this

    What is SAAS?   What is diffrence between web application and SAAS?   Which one good for product development
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    created by navurinv
  • How to build a dynamic JNLP file ?

    How to build a dynamic JNLP file I have a field in dummy.properties file and how can I use that field in my JNLP If i use JSP tag in JNLP then it show error in launch in application     applicatioin.prope...
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    created by pankaj_jboss
  • I want to write file through IO ?

    I want to write file total contenet. I write the file not total content of the file write  only last line write. how to write total content of file write?
  • Proposed enhancement to the Bytecode API

    I had an idea for an enhancement to the Bytecode class to make generating conditionals/goto easier. I think that it would be useful to add Bytecode.addIf* methods that return a JumpMarker that can be used to indicate ...
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    created by swd847
  • Out of Memory Error in java assist 1.0

    I am trying to modify the some 1000 class files ,my intension is to insert sys out while entering any method. and replacing the class file using to byteCode.   Ex Code snippet:--     method.insertBe...
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    created by saha_subrata
  • Problem with CodeIterator.newOffset()

    I've been having some problems with Javassist which I think I've finally narrowed down to the way that "goto" offsets are updated when you insert new bytecode. It looks as though newOffset is not correctly handling th...
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    created by alasdair
  • CtClass getNestedClasses() returns the same class when applied to an anonymous class

    Hello everyone,   I think I have found a bug using CtClass.getNestedClasses(). When I apply this method to a CtClass which is an anonymous class, like "com.bla.MyClass$1", it returns the array with the same clas...
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  • probable bug in javassist.jar

    As i was working on javassist for code generation , i found some thing which bother me at some extent. I found some code sinpet that was having a class called CtNewClass . The example was for Instrumenting classes ,...
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    created by axelrose
  • Problems with proxy classes and a proposed resolution

    This discussion is prompted in part by Mark Stuberg's note and in part by looking at JASSIST-42 which identifies various problems with the current use of writeRepace to support proxy serialization. The comments on JAS...
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  • A few Javassist proxy patches

    Hi!   I'm working on Apache OpenWebbeans and we use javassist - so first of all thanks for providing it!   I found a few issues which are mainly based on the way javassist got used in many projects, which ...
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    created by struberg
  • ScopedClassPoolRepositoryImpl and default ClassPool

    While trying to fix the JBoss AOP + AS tests with the new jboss-classpool project, I bumped into a problem involving ScopedClassPoolRepositoryImpl and DefaultClassPool.   Our factories were using DefaultClassPool...
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