• cause: java.net.BindException: Cannot assign requested address: Datagram send failed

    I am a student who aspires to be a developer in Korea.     I learned jgroups while studying ehcache and jgroup with spring-boot     I am trying to copy / distribute the cache to two computers. &#...
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  • The Jboss-cache keep  starting,check thread dump  file,show “locked a org.jgroups.JChannel”

    Hi,i am used Jgroups 2.6.13.GA, environment:weblogic10+Linux+jdk1.7 I deploy the web project on the weblogic ,after 10  minutes   ,the weblogic Console output log “ time out ” Analysis th...
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  • High Availability Changes for jBoss 7

    Hey guys,   I have 3 Linux boxes behind a load balancer on AWS, I want to make sure that a user does not lose any session. So what I need is that the session data to be distributed to all the servers, so even i...
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  • Hibernate-search using Infinispan. Running in multiple machines

    Hello,     When i try to execute the application/program in 2 machines at the same time, 2 scenarios occurred, scenario-1: one process waits till the other process to get complete, and then the other one ...
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    created by nadeempasha
  • InvalidMagicIdException: Error reading magic byte or message - Infinispan version 8.2.8

    I have a standalone Infinispan cache with 2-3 named caches. Am not using any clusters. I use Hotrod to connect to the cache. I have written client that  will expose the Infinispan Cache APIs to any calling applic...
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  • Wildfly 10.1.0 Final and infinispan Cache problem sync

    Hello, i have some problems with cache and cluster mode (UDP) Wildfly 10.1.0Final :   standalone-ha.xml:   <cache-container name="replicated_cache" default-cache="default" module="org.wildfly.clustering...
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  • org.jgroups.protocols.UDP --> failed sending message to null

    In our application we are using the below components of Jboss   JGroups Version: 2.6.13.GA      2. Jboss Cache Version:        3.2.2.GA     We ...
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    created by bagavathi2006
  • Jboss Cache UDP Configuration picks up random port during startup

    We are using Jboss-cache-3.2.2.GA [Malagueta] with UDP configuration in Jgroups. During starup of the application, we found that Jboss Cache starts with random port other than the m_cast port specified in the xml? H...
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  • @Cache supports inherited interfaces

    Hello, we are implementing our rest endpoints on Java interfaces not on the classes, and to keep these interfaces good structured and follow object oriented, then we structured these interfaces with inheritance. For...
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  • Dependencies issue - Default Datasource ?

    Hi all,   I try to find the root cause of deployment issue of me EAR. I'm using oracle driver for datasources. I'm not using maven. JAR dependencies are managed through jboss-deployment-structure.xml. Find encl...
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  • Failed to define class org/hibernate/validator/ValidationMessages

    Hello ,   I am getting the below error while accessing my application home page. Previously I used to get some different errors before,now most of them resolved.i am getting the below error. I am in migration ...
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  • Is there any way how to create a TreeCache on JBoss Wildfly?

    Hi all,     Is there any documentation how to create a TreeCache on Wildfly? We are busy with a migration from Jboss 4 to Wildfly and have to migrate our TreeCache. Does anybody know how to implement a Tre...
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    created by siro_nl
  • Monitoring and Controlling of Jboss 5.1 Caches

    Hi.   I am looking for a tool which help me to monitor and get controlled JBoss 5.1 Caches. I need some interface to see how effectively deployed applications manage caches. Can you recommend something ?  ...
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  • How did this happen: java.lang.Throwable: connection inovke stack

    This is printed when try to get a connection,   2015-04-05 19:40:09,760 INFO  [org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.CachedConnectionManager] Successfully closed a connection for you.  Please close the...
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    created by wei_da
  • JDG statistics, configuration and tomcat questions

      I am starting to look at JDG for caching within our app. Have a few questions that hopefully more experienced folks can answer.       Is there a way to reset the statistics? This would be...
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    created by mmr11408
  • RestEasy flush cache under a cluster of nodes.

    We have a restful webservice which uses RestEasy. We are using JaxRs's CacheControl to cache the response xml for a GET endpoint. ex: GET - https://api.apiway.com/v1/users/12345   To Clear the cache, I need to ...
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    created by npa
  • Getting updated values when deploying war file in wildfly8.0.0

    Hi All, I am relatively new to Java EE, so this is something I am trying to figure out. Would appreciate if I get some help with this. I am trying to make a dynamic dashboard with some data that gets updated in a j...
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    created by cnanda
  • How the hibernate fetch the peristent object from cache(1/2)

    How the hibernate API fetch the peristent object from cache second time ( 1st leve and 2 nd Level). I know, first request fetched from database and give the peristent object and also put into 1st level cache( also 2...
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    created by stsivaraj
  • Hibernate retrieving dirty object

    I'm facing problems with hibernate that sounds to be related to object caching. Destilling the problem, I have an entity, lets call it A, with a list attribute mapped with @OneToMany(cascade=CascadeType.ALL, mappedBy=...
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    created by fbenbassat
  • No Jboss Cache bridge between 2 clusterd Jboss nodes on JBoss 5.1.0.GA

    Hi, I am using Jboss cache on 2 clustered nodes i.e. and IP's in STAR-CACHE-CLUSTER. If I change anything in either of the nodes, then jboss cahe should replicate the change to the ot...
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