• How to isolate ClassLoader in JBoss 6

    Hello All,      I have a .war file.File name is 'test.war'.        I am trying to deploy it on JBOSS-6.0.0-xxxx-CR1 .I am getting an exception along with stack trace as f...
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  • Class path contains multiple SLF4J bindings

    Please, I have a big problem and would like to see if anyone here could help me, well researched and have not even found a good solution.   I'm trying to upgrade from jboss 4.3.2 to 5.1.0 and I have this problem...
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  • JBOSS 5.1: ignore persistence.xml in jar file

    Hello!   I need to ignore persistence.xml in jar lib in my project on server jboss 5.1.   Structure of my project:   project.ear \ lib \ META-INF \ core.jar      \ META-INF...
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  • Class Loading issues in JBoss 5.1.0

    Hi,   I've checked other class loading issues threads in this forum, but no provided solution has worked for me so far. Therefore, I shall post here my problem to check that I am doing things rightly.   I ...
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  • jboss-classloading.xml ignored in a war?

    Hi, I'm running JBoss AS6.1 and have a war application that I am trying to deploy.  In my war, I have the slf4j libraries included.  When I start the war, I get the following error messages:   {code}...
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  • How to specify dependencies on @Singleton EJBs

    I need to access a Singleton EJB from a JBoss MC. In opposite to dependencies to Stateless EJBs, declaring   <demands>jndi:{Singleton-impl-class-name}</demands>   does not work. Declaring  ...
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  • @EJB injection not working in JBoss 6.x

    I tried to use @EJB annotation in MC bean in JBoss AS 6.x to inject SLSB, but without success. There is no error log, the annotated field just remains null. Doing the JNDI lookup manually works. Have I activate the Ej...
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  • JBoss 6.1:  Isolating ears from each other

    Hello,   I have two ears deployed in the default server of JBoss 6.1.  One of the ears (call it service.ear) provides a service to retrieve data from an external source and to translate it to a different st...
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  • WEB/INF/lib not scanned for jars

    Hi All,   Bear with me here, I'm not sure how best to even describe my problem as I suspect its to do with our setup rather than a JBoss problem, just hoping someone can point me in the right direction or sugges...
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  • Non-daemon threads running when using Deploymentmanager in JBoss 6

    I used the deployment manager to realize deployment/undeployment with ANT. This example code worked fine with JBoss 5 but has problems with JBoss 6:   {code}     final Context ctx = new InitialCo...
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  • JBoss 6.0: ignore persistence.xml in jar file

    Hello!   As Sergey I want to ignore the persistence.xml in a jar lib placed in the lib folder of my ear. I tried to use the AbstractIgnoreDeployer by placing a jboss-ignore.txt file in ear/META-INF.   Str...
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  • MC Bean deployment without a deployment descriptor?

    I am trying to figure out how to deploy a simple annotatated MC bean without any *-beans.xml. I am using JBoss 5. Annotating a POJO with @org.jboss.beans.metadata.api.annotations.Bean(name="something") should give the...
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  • Configure a VFS classloader in jboss-classloading.xml

    I would like to configure a classloader in order to load classes from a specific directory of the jboss virtual file system (server/default/work/jboss.web/). I think a convenient way to do that is to configure a class...
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  • Classloading for a Tomcat war under Jboss 5.1

    Hallo,   i've got my web application war originally developed under Tomcat and I'm experiencing issues with JBoss deploying. My scenario gives me no access to modify JBoss common/lib presence so the only chance ...
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  • Stack overflow in jboss-reflect.jar:2.2.0.GA

    Not sure this is an issue or not with Microcontainer per-se but has to do with VFS visiting.   This is JBoss 6.   Is there some way to disable annotation scanning for .jar files in a .sar, so I can bypass ...
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  • jboss-scanning.xml ignored for JBoss AS 6?

    If you build the .war file from ( https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBAS-8786 ) and add the jboss-scanning.xml as described here: http://community.jboss.org/message/594327, I still see this in the logs:   2011-03-2...
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  • How to access MC pojo beans from a RAP app

    Hello Guys,   We have a J2EE web app with a JSP/Servlet based UI. We would like to reimplement the UI-layer in Eclipse/RAP technology.   So from now on the RAP UI layeer will invoke BU classes such as: ...
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  • Unable to tell JBoss to use Parent_Last=true

    Hi:   First of all let me say that I have read many of entries in here as well as other places about my issue and the use of the jboss-classloading.xml and it seems nothing works.   My situation is the fol...
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  • Bean for Hashtable choses wrong ctor

    On JBoss AS 6, I'm trying to instantiate a bean that's a Hashtable:   <bean name="JNDI" class="java.util.Hashtable">         <constructor class="java.util.Map"> ...
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  • Custom Deployer - migrate from JBoss4.2

    In JBoss4 there is a class org.jboss.deployment.SubDeployerSupport Using this class I'm develop custom deployer, that now used in development and production too.   In that deployer I'm override method protecte...
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