• idea-HTTP/3Tomcat connector

    Dear sir, I am a student of B.tech in Computer Science. I would like to participate in Gsoc 2020. For Gsoc 2020, I like to choose the project idea-HTTP/3Tomcat connector. The mentor of the project is MR. George Zaro...
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  • MDB start and stop in jboss 5.2

    We have JBoss 5 integrated with TIBCO Queue and MDB queue listener and its working as expected more over calling stop() and then start() methods in the JBoss JMX console is working fine. Now we replaced TIBCO with Act...
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    created by veeras
  • JBoss5.1 JTA TransactionInProgress

    We are trying to deploy EAR from WebSphere to JBoss5.1     Getting following exception during call to session bean.     2019-06-27 04:52:58,920 DEBUG [com.arjuna.ats.jta.logging.logger] (TRADE_SU...
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  • Delay in Consuming messages from JMS topic

    There are intermittent delays in consuming messages from jms topic. We have used a DurableTopic and MDB to consume messages. Any idea or suggestion would be helpful?
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  • Alternative JMS message is not getting posted in the Queue

    In a custom application we have created a Queue and tried to post messages to test the configuration.   Surprisingly it is observed that that every alternative message is not getting posted in the Queue when inq...
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    created by hillol.pal
  • Data format 'json-jackson' could not be created

    Hi everyone,     I have a simple route like this,     <routes xmlns="http://camel.apache.org/schema/spring">       <route>         <from u...
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  • MDB consumes WebLogic Queue

    I have to consumes messages from WebLogic 12c queue in EAP 6.4.   I have working standalone client:   Hashtable<String, String> env = new Hashtable<>(); env.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, WLS_ADDRESS...
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  • Publish messages to remote JMS provider in transaction

    I have the following code which sends messages to a remote jms provider(Tibco) in this case, I am looking for a solution to put the sending code into a Bean managed transaction or the usertransaction, but not sure how...
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  • JMS - How to read an arbirarily large queue to the end without acknowledging any messages

    I have an application which assigns sequential numbers to messages.  When starting up, it needs to determine the number of the last message written to the queue, and it tries to do this by issuing repeated receiv...
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  • Is Dynamic Server discovery possible with static tcp connectors.

    Hi, Please bear with me ...this may be a little off topic. Have deployed hornetq HA (2 co-located, shared nothing, live-backup pairs) on  EAP 6.4 using docker images on kubernetes cluster (minikube). I am usin...
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  • We are trying to do HornetQ 2.4.5 HA in WildFly 8.2 version. Was there any step by step document available to implement the HA.

    Dear Friends,   We are following the link as of now https://kb.novaordis.com/index.php/WildFly_HornetQ_Message_Replication-Based_HA_Configuration- WildFly HornetQ Message Replication-Based HA Configuration - Nov...
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  • Jboss 5.2- Frequent Deadlock - SQLState 40001 code:1205- assuming deadlock detected, try:1

    Hello All,   I would like to get your help in getting a solution for the issue I am facing. We have an application which was earlier in Jboss5.1 which we are now moving to Jboss5.2. The application is moved and w...
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  • Problem with Generic JMS Resource Adapter with Tibco Provider

    Hi, I have a jboss eap 7 installation in domain mode, I need to connect to Tibco jms provider, but I have a problem with installation jms Resource adapter module.     I made the follow step to configure the...
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  • Exadata and Jboss

    Hello we are moving to wildfly the new jbos version and our database is moving to exadata.   will there be any issue connectiong to exadata database.   please let me know ... if this is not the right pla...
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  • JBM Tables

    Hello   New to Jboss. I know jbm tables are created when you start jboss app servers. and Jboss is used for messaging.   question,   do we need to drop JBM tables everytime we reboot the servers? ...
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  • activation of ironjacamar connection validation

    On wildfly-10.1.0.Final, using a pooled connection factory with xa and in-vm connector, we are facing some hangs on a big production server heavily relying on JMS ; exactly like it is described in hanging on HornetQRA...
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  • JBoss JMS standalone GUI tool for beginners showing queues and messages

    When we (InterCommit.nl) started using JBoss Messaging, we needed a simple standalone tool providing an overview (via a GUI) of the queues and the number of messages on/through those queues. This information is availa...
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  • Prevent JMS prefetching of messages

    I'm using JMS queues which are defined within JBoss, and have consumers in Apache Tomcat that are accessing the queues using the Spring DefaultMessageListenerContainer with a cachedConnectionFactory.   This is w...
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  • Avoid adding known messages to DLQ when exception thrown and keep in queue

    hi, following is my mdb annotations and i'm using jboss EAP 7   @MessageDriven(name = "ConnectPublish_upp", activationConfig = {     @javax.ejb.ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "destinatio...
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  • SOAPMessageContext vs SOAPMessageContextImpl

    Hello All,   I am currently trying to move an application from IBM WAS server to JBoss server. One of them problem I am having is below code.   private class ServiceHandler implements SOAPHandler<SOAPMes...
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