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We just finished collating all of the great feedback we got from everyone at JUDCon and I wanted to share it with you all. (Thanks to Rayme for this information!)



1. JUDCon event stats



  • We had 222 registrations. Largest JUDCon to date.
  • When asked if JUDCon met their expectations, on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent), the average response was 4.44 (n=26).
  • When asked "Would you recommend JUDCon to others?" everyone who replied said yes. That's right. 100%



2. Session evaluations


The aggregated data from speaker evaluations are as follows (n=366).



  • Rate this session overall: (1) Poor to (5) Excellent - 4.41    
  • Rate the speaker's effectiveness: (1) Poor to (5) Excellent - 4.42    
  • Rate the speaker's knowledge of the subject matter: (1) Poor to (5) Excellent - 4.77   
  • Did you have all the material that you needed? - 0.916
  • Was the speaker open to feedback? - 0.98   
  • Did the session match the title? - 0.966
  • Was the information that was presented new to you? - 0.822



The last 4 numbers (between 0 and 1) were arrived at by regarding "yes" to be 1, and "no" to be 0, and then averaging over all of the evals for that.



First of all thanks to everyone to gave feedback. It's very important for us to improve the conference as we start to think about the next one. Second, this feedback is fantastic and really shows that over the course of 12 months we've built JUDCon into THE place to be if you want to hear what's happening as a developer!