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2017 2017 hosted a JUDCon track covering a wide range of Red Hat JBoss related developer topics. We were able to capture many of them an post the video for the wider developer audience.


Day 1 Session 1

Title: App Developer State of the Industry

Speaker: Burr Sutter


Day 1 Session 2

Title: Infinispan and Spring Boot - a Swiss Army Knife for Microservices

Speaker: Sebastian Laskawiec


Day 1 Session 3

Title: Helping Linux and Java Play Well Together

Speaker: Christine Flood


Day 1 Session 4

Title: Automated migration and upgrades with JBoss Windup

Speaker: Marek Novotny


Day 1 Session 6

Title: Distributed and Reactive Applications with Eclipse Vert.x

Speaker: Clement Escoffier


Day 1 Session 7

Title: What's New in Java 9

Speaker: Michal Vala



Day 1 Session 9

Title: Building Distributed Machine Learning Pipeline

Speaker: Vojtech Juranek