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We're pleased to announce JBoss Portlet Bridge 2.3.1.Final is now available.  This release fixes some important resource URL handling that was broken in 2.3.0.Final.


Maven coordinates:



Here is a list of the issues that have been resolved for this release:

  • [PBR-287] - Clustering: BridgeRequestScope can end up with an uninitialized beans field on unmarshalling
  • [PBR-320] - response.createResourceURL() broken from PBR-307
  • [PBR-321] - The fix of PBR-276 steal the messages from ajax-resource-requests
  • [PBR-323] - Docs: Command for generating archetypes does not work
  • [PBR-324] - Docs: RENDER_POLICY configuration is misspelled
  • [PBR-325] - Docs: Portlet name missing in the code for NONE LoadStyleStrategy
  • [PBR-361] - Backport fix in EPP Branch for Resource Handling in RichFaces
  • [PBR-366] - ViewExpiredException caused by Session expiration being masked by NPE


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