Just in time before everybody goes and take some rest for Christmas... here we are with the long-awaited final release of our rest project ;-)

Seriously, RESTEasy 3.1.0.Final is out; we've gone through ~20 additional bug fixes and misc tasks on top of the latest candidate release, but finally it's available on the download page, on the Maven repository and together with current WildFly master.

Here is a brief high-level summary of what's coming in 3.1.0:

  • major project cleanup
  • most of the deprecated API moved to an optional resteasy-legacy module
  • performance improvements
  • lots of dependencies upgrades
  • new Vert.X adapter
  • improved testsuite
  • many bug fixes

A detailed list of the changes is available on JIRA.


I really invite everybody to take a look at the documentation, especially the sections concerning the migration from older versions, try the new release and let us know if anything needs changes.

Enjoy it and take some rest during Xmas time ;-)