Two months after last round of releases, here we are again with two RESTEasy bug fix versions, 4.0.0.Beta3 and 3.5.1.Final.

After we completed the implementation of JAX-RS 2.1 and shipped it few months ago within WildFly 12, we started getting some feedback about it. I'm really happy about the interest coming from the community, thanks and please keep on playing with RESTEasy ;-) Anyway, thanks to users contributions and some additional internal testing, we've fixed a bunch of issues especially around JSON-B support and SSE.

On top of that, with JDK 10 having been officially released, we had to ensure that the project can be successfully built and tested with it. So if you're running with Java 10, upgrading to RESTEasy 3.5.1.Final / 4.0.0.Beta3 is really something you should evaluate.

The full release notes are available here. The Maven artifacts are available  for both releases on the usual repository.

Next round of releases will most likely include few new and interesting features, stay tuned... ;-)