Back in August last year, Fabio Carvalho from PayPal has blogged here on how to use RESTEasy in a Spring Boot application, relying on a Spring Boot starter project that he basically developed. What happened in the following months is that PayPal decided to donate the project to Red Hat.

So here I am today, publicly thanking Fabio and PayPal and announcing the first final release of the rebranded RESTEasy Spring Boot starter.

The new project sources are on GitHub under the RESTEasy organization; the issue tracker is the same as the main RESTEasy project and previously existing issues have been migrated there.

Compared to the latest release from PayPal repository, the first Red Hat release, 1.0.0.Final, brings an update to Spring Boot 1.5.12.RELEASE version and explicit support for Java 9 & 10.

In the next future, the plan is to move forward embracing Spring Boot 2 and integrating more recent versions of the core RESTEasy (3.5 / 3.6 streams).

So please stay tuned, play with the latest release and feel free to contribute!