At the end of March I was announcing RESTEasy 4 CR1 and telling the final was coming soon. Unfortunately it has taken more than I hoped for the transition; the nice thing, however, is that was because the community (especially Quarkus one) really tested the CRs and we got few bugs reported (and fixed ;-) ). In any case earlier today the 4.0.0.Final artifacts have been built and released to both Central and JBoss Nexus Maven repositories. The new documentation, as well as the binaries, are available on the website.

Previous blog posts already provided references to the new features coming with RESTEasy 4, I really encourage reading them.

Going beyond new features, I believe this release sets the ground for future exciting developments in RESTEasy; the project got rid of old / deprecated pieces and is in a better position for accomodating the implementation of new and modern features, especially for Quarkus cloud-related scenarios.

Stay tuned and try RESTEasy 4... feedback is welcome!