Last week the release of MicroProfile 3.0 was announced. It comes with few additions and updates in some of its specifications, one of them being the MP REST Client which has been upgraded to version 1.3.

RESTEasy used to implement an old version (1.0) of MP REST Client, while more recent versions have been provided as part of the SmallRye project. Starting from MP 3, we decided to join the efforts of the two teams and provide the most up to date version of that spec in RESTEasy.

So today I'm happy to announce the availability of RESTEasy 3.8.0.Final, whose main new feature is the implementation of MicroProfile REST Client 1.3. The artifacts have been built and released to both Central and JBoss Nexus Maven repositories. The new documentation as well as the binaries, are available on the website.

A new release from the 4.x stream is also coming very soon and will of course include the same MP REST Client 1.3 implementation too.

Stay tuned and try RESTEasy 3.8... feedback is welcome!