as previously anticipated, RESTEasy 4.1.0.Final has been released! It brings the new MicroProfile REST Client 1.3 implementation on 4.x series too, the same provided last week with 3.8.0.Final.

Besides that, few other new features and improvements are included in this release; something worth mentioning is that the community contributed two new modules for integration with the Project Reactor , namely a new implementation of the Async client engine interface based on Reactor Netty and initial support for Flux and Mono types in resources, similarly to what RESTEasy already does with RxJava 2 types.


While 3.8.0.Final is soon landing in WildFly and Thorntail, the upgrade to 4.1.0.Final has just been merged in Quarkus master, so the new version will most likely be part of next Quarkus release!

Stay tuned and give the new versions a try!