I'm pleased to announce that, at the end of last week, RESTEasy 4.2.0.Final has been released! It's less than two months since the previous minor has been tagged, however the community has been quite active lately (thanks!!) and we had a few interesting contributions really deserving a release:

  • Great performance improvements: two parallel efforts on reducing memory footprint improved our internal benchmark numbers quite a lot; both JAX-RS client and server applications should be sensible faster as a consequence of a lower memory allocation rate. Moreover, a couple of nasty bugs resulting in performance penalties in some corner cases have been fixed.
  • Vert.x Client HTTP engine: we now have another implementation of the RESTEasy Client HTTP engine interface, based on Eclipse Vert.x and properly supporting async / non-blocking IO.
  • Spring Web REST integration (experimental): RESTEasy now provides the ability to process Spring Web REST annotations (i.e. Spring classes annotated with @RestController) and handles related REST requests without delegating to Spring MVC.


The latest artifacts are available on the JBoss Nexus repository as well as Maven Central repository. Quarkus is being upgraded as well to benefit from the latest additions mentioned above!