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24 Posts authored by: asoldano

RESTEasy 3.1.4.Final and 3.0.24.Final have been released during last weekend. They're both maintenance releases, including a bunch of bug fixes. Please have a look at the release notes for details.

Now it's really time for the team to focus on implementing JSR 370 (JAX-RS 2.1), which will be one of the features marking next minor (or major, maybe) of RESTEasy.

Stay tuned!

Yesterday we pushed a new couple of releases (3.1.2.Final and 3.0.22.Final) out of the door, so have a look at the release notes and try them :-)

The new versions are mainly bug fix ones. Something interesting is that we started testing against JDK 9. RESTEasy 3.1.2.Final contains some changes / fixes and workarounds to allow building the project with the current latest early access version of JDK 9. The testsuite is also mostly passing.

As usual, any feedback or issue... just let us know!

Here we are a couple of months later with the first bug fix release of RESTEasy 3.1.x series. Oh, well, the release actually includes a bunch of enhancements and component upgrades too, so be sure to check the release notes for details :-)

Those monitoring the website and/or the development on GithHub might have noticed that during the past weeks we've also continued merging fixes into the 3.0 branch. The result of that effort is in the 3.0.20.Final and 3.0.21.Final releases which are also available for users that still need some time before switching to 3.1. We are likely going on actively working on 3.0 for some more time, but we really encourage you to migrate to 3.1 as soon as possible.

Enjoy the new releases and please provide feedback!

Just in time before everybody goes and take some rest for Christmas... here we are with the long-awaited final release of our rest project ;-)

Seriously, RESTEasy 3.1.0.Final is out; we've gone through ~20 additional bug fixes and misc tasks on top of the latest candidate release, but finally it's available on the download page, on the Maven repository and together with current WildFly master.

Here is a brief high-level summary of what's coming in 3.1.0:

  • major project cleanup
  • most of the deprecated API moved to an optional resteasy-legacy module
  • performance improvements
  • lots of dependencies upgrades
  • new Vert.X adapter
  • improved testsuite
  • many bug fixes

A detailed list of the changes is available on JIRA.


I really invite everybody to take a look at the documentation, especially the sections concerning the migration from older versions, try the new release and let us know if anything needs changes.

Enjoy it and take some rest during Xmas time ;-)



Last month I was writing about RESTEasy 3.1.0.CR2 and telling you we would have gone Final soon... actually we had to work on a major refactoring on the project that led to creating another candidate release. It turned out that the old API cleanup that went into 3.1.0.Beta2 as part of RESTEASY-1363 would have effectively prevented us from bundling RESTEasy in any JBoss EAP 7.x series future release. Here I'm not going through the details of the container rules regarding backward compatibility; what really matters is that we decided to go with a slightly milder solution, restoring the previously removed stuff into an optional and deprecated module of the project, resteasy-legacy. Besides granting us a way to comply with EAP 7.x requirements, the dependency to the new module is going to offer a chance of running on RESTEasy 3.1 to those who didn't fully move on from RESTEasy 2 APIs and the other old deprecated functionalities. An updated version of the migration guides is being prepared and will be available hopefully soon; in the mean time you can start playing with RESTEasy 3.1.0.CR3 bits. The Nexus Maven repository already has the 3.1.0.CR3 artifacts, which are also already pulled by latest WildFly master.

The actual release notes are here; any feedback, just let us know :-)



Just few days after CR1, here we are again with another candidate release version of RESTEasy 3.1.0. A couple of regressions (actually compared to 3.1.0.Beta1) have been spotted and fixed and we've gone through a bunch of dependencies upgrades. Full release notes available here.

The new artifacts are available on the Maven repository as usual; please keep on trying the latest bits and report any issue you find, thanks a lot! Final release is coming soon :-)



Just a note to tell you that the first CR version of RESTEasy 3.1 has been tagged last Friday. The artifacts are available on the Maven repository.

It's still a good time to have a look at and try the new 3.1, any feedback is welcome. We hope to go Final by the end of this month :-)

As you might have noticed on github, the team has been quite active on master during last months; after almost twenty 3.0.x bug fix releases, we're eventually working on a new minor, 3.1.0.

Among the most relevant changes that are coming in the new minor there are default Java 8 target, revisited project structure / testsuite and a major cleanup of old and deprecated APIs. On the last topic, Ron has been preparing a very good document you might want to read for easy migration of old (RESTEasy 2.3 style) code.

Clearly, bug fixes and new features are coming too in 3.1.0! We're trying to deal with as much pull requests as possible (keep sending them, thanks!) and one that I'd like to mention here is from Julien Viet who contributed a new server adapter for Vert.x integration.

We've tagged two 3.1.0 Beta releases so far, both available as artifacts on Maven repository. I'm currently waiting for the last one to be merged into WildFly master (PR here).

If you have some time, consider early checking your projects with the new 3.1.0 and feel free to report back any issue (btw, as a reminder, note we have new mailing lists since some months!). We plan to go CR soon and hopefully release at before the end of October.

Stay tuned :-)


New RESTEasy blog

Posted by asoldano Sep 13, 2016

With Bill Burke having moved to different projects and me now leading RESTEasy, it's time to open up a new project blog area... so here we are :-)

Stay tuned for updates here!

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