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I have committed two changes to the standalone container that will make life much easier when you are using it in the plugin development cycle:


There is a new command 'stdin' that can be used from within scripts to give control back to the console. This allows you to write a script to set up a scenario without manual intervention and to continue from there when this automatic setup is done.

This is a sample script:

disc i       # discover platform services

disc s      # discover servers

disc i       # discover services below the servers

find r standard-sockets   # find the resource with the name 'standard-sockets'

set r $r     # store its resource id

src port-offset=1  # set the port-offset in the resource configuration to 1

set r -18   # now use the resource with id -18

rc            # show its resource configuration

stdin       # give control to stdin


New command 'src' (name may still change) to set a resource configuration. This has already been shown in the example above.

Format of the arguments is key=value


Those additions are now in master in the git repository and will make it into the next beta release of RHQ.


For more information check out this post.


If it were possible to detect debugger attachment, a 'debug' command would be possible to run script commands and then wait for the debugger before continuing.

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