Over the past several weeks there have been discussions with other projects including Fabric8 and AeroGear who have a common need for metrics (storage, retrieval, aggregation, etc.) as well as graphs and charts. The monolithic structure and build process of RHQ makes it problematic for other projects to consume and reuse the metrics and graphing features of RHQ.

For this reason we have decided to break out the metrics backend into a separate project in an effort to make it more easily consumable by other projects. This project will provide APIs for storing, retrieving, and aggregating metric data. It will also include AngularJS directives to access and graph the data.

This new project is called RHQ-Metrics for now. RHQ itself will also be a consumer of this project just as is of other 3rd party libraries. RHQ-Metrics will allow you to use an existing Cassandra cluster or one provided by the project for getting started quickly. For small embedded applications and for testing, we also envision offering a purely in-memory data store that keeps data for a limited time series.

To make this effort a success we have created a forum at https://community.jboss.org/en/rhq/rhq-metrics where we will start gathering requirements and post additional project information. The project source code will live at https://github.com/rhq-project/rhq-metrics.