• The chart component - data iteration style

    The chart component offers "data iteration" way of data input. More information about the chart component can be found here or dev forum. Please vote for the style you prefere.
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  • RichFaces 4 module distribution for JBoss 7

    Lukas recently has asked a request at JIRA to include RichFaces 4 as a module for JBoss 7, which i think that it is a cool feature, JBoss AS 7 shipped with CDI(Weld),JPA 2(hibernate), JSF 2 and RichFaces 4 (and of cou...
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  • RichFaces Sandbox Showcase design

    Paul Dijou has put together 4 different proposals for the design of our RichFaces Sandbox Showcase.  Review the propsals at: http://pauldijou.github.com/richfaces-sandbox-website/, by clicking on each of the butt...
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  • Do you like this look-n-feel of the future demo application

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