• Finding duplicate classes in your WAR files with Tattletale

    Using JBoss Tattletale tool and its Tattletale Maven plugin you can easily find out if you have duplicated classes in your WAR WEB-INF/lib folder and most importantly fail the build automatically if that's the case be...
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    created by maestrodev.com
  • Could Tattletale scan EAR files?

    Hi all!   I'm trying to use tattletale to generate a report for an EAR file. It only worked when I extract the EAR file in a folder. So, here is my question: Tattletale doesn't work with EAR files? Note: I chang...
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  • Proposal: give start classes to Unused Jar Report

    Hello Collegues,   just recently i came accross the problem to find the minimum set of jar's an EJB Client needs from the supplied set. (as we use java web start we need to minimize download volume.) So i put th...
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  • Excludes and scan tags ignored in Maven plugin

    I've been configuring the Maven plugin to report only certain items. The "reports" tag in configuration works great, limiting the reports I see. So do "source" and "destination." However, whenever I use the "scan" or ...
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  • [TTALE-106] Add a brief description of report

    Add a method 'outputDescription' which returns a default description String in org.jboss.tattletale.reporting.Report. Then each concrete Report class overrides the 'outputDescription' to define its own description. ...
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  • New Analyzers architecture proposal

    After Jesper's presentation of Tattletale at JUDCon Berlin 2010, and some talking with him, I started looking around the Tattletale code to think about how to support the addition of new Analyzers, both to cover alrea...
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  • TatleTale issue TTALE-118

    I am planning on working on issue TTALE-118 but would like to get some feed back on my approach before starting. The approach would be to provide an option to turn report types on or off. Initially the two report type...
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  • reports property ignored?

    I tried setting the reports property in jboss-tattletale.properties to select only the reports I want to generate, but I found that it was not being recognized. I looked at the source, and there appears to be a bug in...
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  • are there any plans to produce reports that highlight changes between versions?

    For our project we currently run a home brewed tool (dist-diff) to compare two versions of the release to see what has changed between them. Our main reason for doing this so we can double  check that nothing une...
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  • Find classes which are in multiple jars

    Is there currently a way to get a report of just the classes which are in more than one jar?   I see the "Class Location" report, but with all my jars and the rt.jar, the report grows to over 26k classes, and it...
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  • full example of how to use Tattletale tool in Maven

    I couldn't find a complete working example for Maven, so I blogged about it: http://insuchaworld.blogspot.com/2010/03/using-jboss-tattletale-tool-in-maven.html
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    created by lukewpatterson
  • Tatletale 1.1.0.Beta1 released

    I have just released Tattletale 1.1.0.Beta1 :) Not to repeat myself get the release information from my blog (http://in.relation.to/13051.lace). As I state the focus in Beta2 will be on better Apache Ant and Apache ...
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  • [TTALE-76] Maven Plugin

    I started implementing a Maven reporting plugin as outlined in http://www.jit-consulting.de/java/jboss/maven-plugin-feat-jboss-tattletale.html to have a starting point for the discussion. First of all I try to summar...
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  • Feature Req: scan loose class files

    Would love to be able to point Tattletale at my project directory and have it scan both classes and Jars. As it is, I've scripted jarring my classes into projectLib/appClasses.jar, running Tattletale to gen the repor...
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  • Thanks and FindJar question / feature

    Thanks for Tattletale! I have been retroffiting Ivy files to several projects and repacking some WARs to have all their dependent jars in WEB-INF/lib, this would have been next to impossible without Tattletale. Very n...
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  • Ability to exclude specified subdirectory

    Hi, Today I discovered Tattletale and it looks very interesting. But I have one issue. In a directory of a project which I tested Tattletale on there is an Eclipse workspace as well. Tattletale took additional jars ...
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  • Logging?

    First of all, thank you for a really useful tool! Is there any plans to introduce progress logging to stdout or log4j? Somehow crawling is taking very long time and i am not sure what can cause this issue..
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  • JBoss Tattletale 1.0.0.GA released

    The JBoss Tattletale team released the first official release of the application today. JBoss Tattletale is a tool that can help you get an overview of the project you are working on or a product that you depend on. ...
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    created by jesper.pedersen
  • Comparing signatures of JBoss deployments

    ...continuing an offline discussion. How can Tattletale be used to: 1. Produce signature of a JBoss deployment that includes all jars in the bundle 2. Check whether a JBoss deployment is pristine or its been pollute...
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  • JBoss Tattletale 1.0.0.CR1 released

    JBoss Tattletale was released a couple of days ago. Changes in the 1.0.0.CR1: * Graphical dependency report using GraphViz * A blacklisted API report which lets you flag packages that use black listed APIs * An user...
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    created by jesper.pedersen