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The JBoss Community Team are proud to announce the following enhancements to our JIRA and FishEye servers:


- Both servers were upgraded to the latest versions on 13th May 2011:

JIRA 4.3.3

FishEye 2.5.4


- A new "Component Watcher Plugin" was added into JIRA to allow project administrators to define email notifications for all issue changes in a Component:


- A bi-directional Application Link was established between JIRA and FishEye. This adds a "Source" tab in JIRA showing source code commit information from FishEye for both Subversion and Git repositories:          (Subversion)                              (Git)

It also allows you to see JIRA issue changes in the FishEye Activity Stream:


- We reviewed and improved the configuration of all FishEye repositories making them as simple, accurate and consistent as possible.