Following the latest upgrades to JIRA and FishEye/Crucible the JBoss Community Team are proud to announce full integration of all Atlassian products deployed at jboss.org:





This integration brings to JIRA:

  • "Source" tab for projects and issues to see related source code changes (from FishEye)
  • "Reviews" tab for projects and issues to see related code reviews (from Crucible)
  • New gadgets available for JIRA Dashboards to see information from FishEye, Crucible and Confluence (so you can see latest changes to your project documentation etc...)


It also brings to FishEye/Crucible:

  • JIRA issue changes shown directly in Activity streams (for Repository, Project, User), alone or mixed with commits/reviews
  • JIRA issue related information shown directly using issue key hovers (for commit messages etc...), so you're not forced to go into JIRA


All these interconnections are "Authentication aware". For example if you're logged into FishEye you can see all the JIRA content available for you, depending on your JIRA permissions.


Please note that many of these features are available/visible only if all systems are correctly configured. For example the "Reviews" tab in JIRA is shown only if a relevant project is created in Crucible and interconnected with the JIRA project. We did our best to interconnect all the existing projects correctly, but feel free to contact us if you notice something wrong.




FECRU_JIRA_INT.gifJIRA issues and issue hover in FishEye repository Activity stream