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Following user feedback on the Project Documentation Editor ( the JBoss Community Team are proud to announce the availability of the following enhancements:


1) DocBook export is now a one-step process in Confluence and may also be called from scripts


This change simplifies and speeds up the project release process and allows better automation of the process. Description how to call DocBook export from the scripts is available directly on export page in Confluence under "Tools -> JBoss DocBook Export" menu item.


2) Allow multiple versions of project documentation in Confluence


This allows corrections to be easily made to older doc versions (following corrections it's still good practice to upload HTML, single-HTML and PDF versions from the generated DocBook XML to for completeness):


3) Improvements to the DocBook import plugin to produce better wiki syntax on imported documents


4) Simple navigation between pages for documentation


This feature adds simple "< Previous | Front page | Next >" navigation above and under page content for simpler navigation over documentation guides.