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As of Wednesday 13th June 2012 it's possible to browse the files at<project> using a new 'Directory Listing' paragraph in Magnolia. This saves you the work of manually creating download tables and allows additional information about each directory, and/or a link to the latest download, to be permanently displayed above the table along with an RSS feed of the files available in each directory. An example of how this looks and works can be found on the following help page along with instructions on how to configure it:


This feature was made possible by the integration of Magnolia and ModeShape in collaboration with the Magnolia Community.



Hi all,


as you probably noticed, JIRA instance running at has been upgraded this week to JIRA 5 and GreenHopper 5.10.


There is lot of interesting improvements in JIRA 5 as you can see in Release Notes. Probably most noticeable are:

  • Share issues when you need someone else to take a look at a JIRA issue or a list of issues
  • Mention users in Description and Comment fields
  • JQL enhancements to search for issues based on their history
  • Improved and more stable REST API


GreenHopper has been updated from 5.8 to 5.10, so you need to check two release notes:


Main enhancements and changes:

  • Improved Rapid Board
  • Scrum graduates from Labs