uses a plugin, that displas the last tweets from #jbossdeveloper. Very nice and useful plugin. However Jaikirian Pai suggested, that it would be nice, if the displayed Twitter account name was clickable and led to the user's profile. It was good idea. However it took some time to find out how to do that. Twitter has some documentation, but the features they describe do not include this (well at least it is well hidden and so I was unable to find it there).


So I thought this article might help you, if you want to do the same thing. If you know the user's account number, you can use following link:<account number>


I.e. my profile is


It is really just that easy, if you know the link.


And how to get the account number? Well there are many ways. If you are in Java,  twitter4j can be pretty handy. But this is another story, that depends on what you have at your disposal. Or if you just want yours, you can use this web page Remember to use @ before your name.