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during JIRA outage last week we introduced new plugin called JIRA DVCS Connector for Bitbucket and GitHub.

This plugin allows to directly show commits from Github repositories on JIRA issue page, with links pointing back to the Github directly. So it's not necessary to use FishEye at anymore for this kind of functionality.


New "Commits" tab is shown on issue detail page. It contains informations about GitHub commits with key of the issue mentioned in the commit message.


Plugin allows JIRA issue transitions directly from a Github commit message also.


JIRA DVCS connector plugin uses Github web hooks to propagate commits into JIRA immediatelly, which brings small restriction into process of connection.


Project lead, who wants to link his project's Github repository with JRA, must follow next steps:

  1. Repository must be owned by github "Organization", personal repositories can't be linked
  2. jboss-jira-hook github user must be added into the organization's Owners group. Jira needs this to add webhooks.
  3. then you have to send email to and ask jira administrators to add repository into JIRA DVCS configuration. You have to specify which Github repositories do you want to add (all owned by some Organization, or few named only), and if you want to allow automatic JIRA issue transitions from a Github commit messages.


Enjoy. JIRA instance has been updated last Thursday to bring you latest version of JIRA and GreenHopper, as you can see in release notes.


JIRA upgrade from 5.2.5 to 5.2.7 brings mainly few bugfixes, no any significant change for users was introduced here.


GreenHopper upgrade from 6.1.1 to brings few new features, for example:

  • Search for Issues by Epic Name
  • Search for Sprint by Name
  • Add more Fields to the Issue Detail View
  • Create Issue when viewing an Epic in JIRA

You can find links to complete release notes for all new versions in ORG-1616.


Two new plugins was introduced also. Separate blogpost will be published for both of them later to introduce what they bring for users.