We're proud to announce new feature 'Social Log In and Sign Up' for jboss.org website released few days ago.


It allows you to use your Google, GitHub, LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter account to create a new jboss.org user account. You can also link these accounts to your existing jboss.org account.

The linking allows you to login to jboss.org website later without entering other password if you are logged in on Google for example. You can simply resolve "I forgot jboss.org password" cases also, by logging in over linked account and changing jboss.org password then.


You can find Social provider icons directly on jboss.org login page and use them for Log In or Sign Up.



If social account is not linked with any jboss.org account yet, you can do that via next screen allowing you to link it with your existing jboss.org account or create a new one.

Registration form is prefilled by name and email obtained from your social account to save your work a bit.



Later you can manage your Social accounts links from jboss.org user profile page.



Based on statistics this new feature is very useful since aprox. 30% of newly created jboss.org user accounts are created over it now. Google provider is the most popular one, making over three quarters of all uses. Facebook provider is second well ahead of other providers.