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Today we switched to the new hardware for Two new dedicated servers now serve artifacts to the whole community.


We are happy, that we achieved a significant increase of request handling speed. After one hour of service there are no errors reported yet, but, please, if you find something odd, report it to so we can investigate it.

As we announced a week ago, we switched to a new hardware. Unfortunately our Apache does not seem to handle current load and so we are switching back to the original hardware. We are sorry for any inconvenience during the last hour.

There were troubles in the past with Maven repository, because the server was heavily overloaded by requests from the community. We did quite a lot of optimizations. A part of the load has already been removed by adding Akamai infrastructure in front of product artifacts. Also we added some automatic cleaning tasks to the system and optimized authentication plugin. As a result the server is now quite stable. Calling it fast would be exaggerating though. But there is a hope.....


Next week (2014-07-14 12:00 PM UTC)  we scheduled switching the load from one old machine to  two brand new servers that would split the load between one another. Why I am writing about it? Well it is a good news for anyone using but on the other hand there might be a risk of some issues we are not aware yet.


So I would like to ask project leaders: if you plan some important event on Monday July, 14th (release, conference etc.), please, contact me so we can reschedule the hardware changes to some "safer" date.

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