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I’m pleased to announce that Fusesource forums has been migrated to forums on Monday 18th of August, 2014.


Most of the content has been migrated as archive to Fusesource Archive space at and then to two individual spaces 

Fuse ESB Enterprise at and Fuse MQ Enterprise


All original URLs are permanently redirected to corresponding content at



Over 16.000 posts migrated, including 830 attachments.

Over 1.500 new user accounts created. Accounts with same e-mail has been matched.


If your account has been newly created use Forgot password at or  Forgot username features to access your account.


Special thanks go to Jakub Senko who implemented the migration plugin, Vladimir Vasilev who helped with eng-ops part on side and Jon Anstey for his help on side.




Libor Krzyžanek Development Team


I'm pleased to announce new feature in forums.


You can reply to the forum's e-mail notification directly in your e-mail client.


Here's how it works:

  1. Someone posts a discussion message (either a new thread or a reply to an existing one).
  2. The forums sends email notifications to those people who have requested them.
  3. After reading the content of the post in the notification email, someone replies to the notification email with their response (taking care not to delete the token in the subject line).
  4. Forums parses the e-mail and locates the discussion thread to which the reply belongs and posts the reply to the community.


Note that this feature supports only discussion replies -- posts of new content and replies to other kinds of content aren't supported.



Community Updates (aka Community Digest) are turned off by default from 13th of November, 2013.

It means that all users who have never changed their email preferences they'll not receive Community Updates.


If you'd like to turn it on back simply go to email preferences and change value of Community Digest field from "Never" to any other option e.g. Once-a-week summary.






Following a couple of releases last week the JBoss Community Team are proud to announce a couple of new paragraphs for Magnolia:


Project Team -

Download Table (with confirmation page) -


We'll be modifying the Project Team paragraph next to display the project lead as defined in the corresponding JIRA project. The 

confirmation page for downloads was requested by Dan Allen to help with the Call To Action (CTA) process for the JBoss AS 7 release.


We're also pleased to report that the latest SBS release appears to have fixed the long-standing bug where spaces would be removed from the HTML view of the RichText Editor after a few seconds making it difficult to edit. Switching to HTML view now works as expected with spaces preserved.





Over the past week the JBoss Community Team have improved the integration of SBS and JIRA by importing over 7,000 links from the JIRA 'Forum Reference' field into the SBS 'Related Issues' widget in corresponding forum threads. The two fields are now kept in sync with each other when either is updated. We've also made the 'Forum Reference' field a multi-value field so it can store links to the JBoss, Seam or Hibernate forums as necessary.


We've also released 2 new paragraphs in Magnolia:

  - Display JIRA issues using a JQL query 

- Display Tweets from a user and/or by searching Twitter


These can both be used to improve both community and project pages by 

increasing the amount of dynamic content shown.



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