• Guava and jcl-over-slf4j in wildfly-jms-client-bom

    I recently upgraded from WildFly 9.0.2.Final to WildFly 16.0.0.Final.   I have been using the jboss-client.jar in standalone client apps, but am in the process of switching to using the wildfly-ejb-client-bom an...
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    created by jfisherdev
  • HowTo - Configure DLQ in jboss EAP7

    Hey there, I have the following mbean code with respective JMS Queue and DLQ from current/legacy EAP5 and migrating to EAP7,  and I have listed out the configuration from EAP7. Can anyone please let me know if t...
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    created by Vamshi Krishna
  • Remote EJB calls

    I am currently in the process of upgrading a WF 13 -> WF 16 and Java 8 -> Java 11.   We have an environment with several WF servers talking remotely to each other using Apache CXF web services. When trying...
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    created by Michael Hansen
  • Elytron custom JWT header

    Hi, I'm working with wildfly-16.0.0.Final. I'm trying to setup a container managed authorization with JWT tokens generated by Auth0. I have followed the quickstart and created an appropriate configuration for my use...
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    last modified by Rafal Rak
  • JBOSS - Wildfly 7.1.6 - Connection refused error

    Hi Team,   I am using jboss 7.1.6 in domain mode. While trying to connect to jboss using remoting protocol, i get the error connection refused. remote://host_name:4447. In the log file I can see that jboss is ...
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    last modified by Subrahmanya Kudumaru
  • WF17 Elytron server side authentication with classes from EAR

    We plan to migrate from Picketbox to Elytron and face the following problem:   With Picketbox a custom login module can use functionality of (or even can reside in) a deployment module (e.g. an EAR in wildfly/st...
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    last modified by Olaf Ziems
  • Illegal reflective access operation in Wildfly 10.1 with Java 9

    I'm running Wildfly 10.1 with Java 9. When starting the server I get the following in the error output stream:   WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred WARNING: Illegal reflective access by ...
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    last modified by N L
  • Log4j2 WildFly 9  web application - log file empty

    I'm working on Wildfly 9/10. I wrote my web application with my custom Log4j2 configuration file. <configuration status="INFO">   <Appenders>   <RollingFile name="General" fileName="D:/log...
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    last modified by Alessio Orlando
  • Programmatic login not working on Wildfly

    I am porting an application from AS7 to Wildfly. The application is configured without any login-config element in web.xml , but it contains a login REST service that calls HttpServletRequest.login().   On AS7 ...
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    last modified by Lars-Erik Helander
  • basic authentication difference in Wildfly

    Hello,   I have configured BASIC authentication in my application against the url pattern /admin/* and setup a role (AdminUsers) that a user should belong to in order to access this pattern. When I go to any ur...
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    last modified by cbppbc
  • Remote JNDI-Lookup on JBoss 7.1 - Failed to connect to remote host

    Hi, I'm quite new to JavaEE and trying to get a little EJB example running, but always fail with the remote JNDI-Lookup.   What did I do until now? I use Eclipse for JavaEE, installed JBossTools ffrom the Marke...
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    last modified by stephan.boehme
  • Multiple threads after response.sendredirect

    Dear All   If I have the below code flow:   method1 {      method2();      stm1;      stm2; }   method2() {     ...
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    last modified by ziad saade
  • Migration from Websphere 9.5 [JDK1.8] to jboss 7.1.

    Hi Guys,   I have to do a migration from Websphere 9.5 [JDK1.8] to jboss 7.1. Can anyone provide me a guide for jboss migration.   Thanks in Advance Narasimha Reddy G
  • What causes wildfly to auto deploy wars on already running server

    Hi   I am using wildfly 9.0.2-final   On my production environment some times Wildfly automatically redeploy the wars.   I want to know why my wars are auto deploy on already running server ? what a...
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    last modified by Alpesh Jikadra
  • Elytron audit.log documentation / examples

    I noticed that the audit.log file is filling with records, so I'm trying to figure out how to configure it.  There isn't much mentioned about it in the docs:   https://docs.wildfly.org/16/WildFly_Elytron_Se...
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    last modified by Ryan Slominski
  • Unable to terminate Daemon XNIO threads created by Teiid admin client

    We have a web application deployed over Tomcat and it is using AdminAPI to administrate Teiid Standalone. When connecting to Teiid through AdminAPI, Daemon XNIO threads are created. if we stop/start the web applicatio...
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    last modified by mtawk
  • Wildfly restricts number of consumers with ActiveMQ Resource Adapter

    I know this is an old question, but I've tried everything I've seen on different posts but nothing seems to work. I have successfully configured my resource adapter for activemq on Wildfly 8.2.1 I have also set a su...
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    last modified by Oluwasegun Diyan
  • Use of Infinispan within Wildfly

    We recently updated to Wildfly 15.  As part of that upgrade, we ran into warnings about our use of the Infinispan subsystem within Wildfly that caught us off guard.  For a long time, we've created a few extr...
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    last modified by Craig Setera
  • Jboss-cli xa-datasource

    Is it possible to add a xa-datasource using jboss-cli without restart of the server?
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    last modified by Manuel Gentile
  • DB connectivity restore

    From database server if i kill the any active/sleeping session the connectivity from DB to APP(wildfly13) getting closed.   to restore the connectivity between  i need restart the service. please suggest h...