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Windup (JBoss Migration Toolkit) 2.6.0 is now available on the Windup web site.


There are two major improvements in this release:


Mavenize an application: Windup 2.6 can create a basic Maven project

structure for your application. When you execute Windup with the

--mavenize flag, Windup analyzes the structure of your application and

creates POM files with the appropriate dependencies for each of your

application modules.


Shared archives: Windup 2.6 recognizes when archives appear in

multiple places in your input applications, and adjusts incident counts

and effort estimates to avoid double-counting. If you analyze multiple

applications together, Windup bundles information about the shared

archives to present you with information on the common libraries shared

across your applications.


Other changes in this release include:

- Improvements to existing rule sets from user contributions

- New rules to recognize Windows file system paths

- Fixed several display issues in reports

- Fixed some edge cases where rules triggered inappropriately or failed

to trigger


If you have any feature requests or encounter any issues, please let us

know on the Windup JIRA

<>, on freenode IRC

#windup, or by replying to


Much thanks to everyone who contributed to the release!

- the JBoss WindUp team