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After WindUp Eclipse Plugin 3.0.0.CR1 release we have finished our way to the major upgrade for WindUp and first stable release of WindUp Eclipse plugin.


We've added new rulesets to support migration paths from WebSphere and WebLogic to EAP 7, as well as a basic starter of cloud-readiness rulesets for migrations involving a move to OpenShift.

Application migrations and upgrades should be faster and easier by bringing Windup's migration assistance into the Eclipse IDE.


So we have now except WindUp CLI distribution also the Windup Eclipse plugin, which extends your Eclipse Neon IDE with possibility to mark migration issues in application code, the eclipse plugin provides help to fix issues, and offers automated code replacement where a rule provides it.

Check out John's video Windup 3.0 Eclipse Plugin demo - YouTube  to learn more or just  install the plugin from Windup Eclipse Plugin Guide - Red Hat Customer Portal and give it a try!


Download Windup distribution it from Download | Windup Migration Platform

Changes against 3.0.0.CR1 are listed in Release Notes - JBoss Issue Tracker

Release notes for the whole 3.0.0.Final version are at Windup 3.0 Release Notes - Red Hat Customer Portal

Documentation -> Product Documentation for Red Hat JBoss Migration Toolkit - Red Hat Customer Portal


Feedback is more than welcome via:

Email --

IRC -- freenode #windup



Much thanks to everyone who contributed to the release!

- the Windup team

Did you know Windup had an Eclipse plugin? Well now John Steele has taken it to impressive level packed with features.

Check for yourself:


Windup 3.0 Eclipse Plugin demo - YouTube


Want to try it in your own Eclipse? Well, it's still in development, but... if you insist, go grab the nightly build

GitHub - windup/windup-eclipse-plugin: Windup Eclipse Plugin