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Windup 4.0.0.Beta4 is out!

Posted by manarh Sep 12, 2017

Windup is changing the face and content in parallel, so if you know about or not we have now Red Hat Migration Toolkit presentation on Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit Overview | Red Hat Developers  site which is the new face for the bundle. We use RHAMT acronym or shortcut for that, but inside it is still the tuned Windup .


Current 6+ months of team work resulted in 4.0.0.Beta4 containing new cloud-readiness rules which helps to identify if you application can run in cloud environment smoothly or if it needs some love to modernize it for cloud world. We also enhanced and fixed some issues in existing rulesets.


What is more important our Eclipse RHAMT plugin is adding more features to assist user who migrates or just analyze future migration on existing project sources. Let me say that there is ruleset editor in early stage and some small but important fixes/enhancements in RHAMT perspective layout.


Not to forget on our new child - RHAMT Web Console which embeds core functionality into Angular 4 based front end UI application. The Web console is able to be deployable into cloud environment Openshift v3 and have all functionality like RHAMT command line tool. The Web Console allows to work on your migration analysis toolkit into team collaboration.


Please get it while it is hot and let us know what you like/dislike in RHAMT.


Download RHAMT distributions from Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit Download | Red Hat Developers

Changes in 4.0.0.Beta4 are listed in JIRA Release Notes - JBoss Issue Tracker and at Release Notes - JBoss Issue Tracker

See important Release Notes article at Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit 4.0 Beta4 Release Notes - Red Hat Customer Portal too as that summarizes the important things.

Documentation is published at Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit Docs-and-apis | Red Hat Developers


Feedback is more than welcome via:

Email --

IRC -- freenode #windup



Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the release!


On behalf of the whole Windup team