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2 Posts authored by: ozizka

Did you know Windup had an Eclipse plugin? Well now John Steele has taken it to impressive level packed with features.

Check for yourself:


Windup 3.0 Eclipse Plugin demo - YouTube


Want to try it in your own Eclipse? Well, it's still in development, but... if you insist, go grab the nightly build

GitHub - windup/windup-eclipse-plugin: Windup Eclipse Plugin



Windup is now integrated with Eclipse IDE.

The Windup plugin marks migration issues in application code, provides help to fix issues, and offers automated code replacement where possible. (I'll add a demo video when it's published.)

You can install the plugin into Eclipse Neon or JBoss Developer Studio by following the instructions here:

We're in need of alpha users to let us know how we can improve the plugin and what features are important to add. If you're involved in a migration project, we would really appreciate it if you could try it out and give us your feedback.