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    Tomcat recompiles jsps always

    Felipe Camacho Newbie

      I'm deploying an application that uses JSPs, JSFs and EJBs. My .war and .jar files are in the deploy directory.

      Sometimes, when I redeploy my web application and restart jboss, when I request jsp pages it expends a lot of time... 2 or 3 seconds when it may use less than a second.

      I know that it recompile all my jsp pages because I have a static class in one of them. I declare a new static Hashtable and, when I get some data in the next request from this Hashtable that I put in the last request I get a null.

      It's working on linux Fedora Core 3, jboss-3.2.6 and mysql (the latest).

      What could be the problem?