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    Servlet Authorization

    etienne sop Newbie

      Good day!

      I have seen a few topics on JAAS /Servlet authentification, but i could not really find any answers fitting my situation. I hope this message will be clear enough, a long time I have not written in English..!

      I am working with a JBoss 4.0.4, Struts and Spring Frameworks.

      I would like to authorize my user from a servlet.
      This means that I am not using any BASIC or FORM "login-config", I would like to do everything from my "LoginServlet". From the Servlet I can access the "username " and the "Roles" this user has. In this web application users don't have any paswords.

      I just need to "mapp" my user s' "Roles" into JBoss so that i can use some security constraint in the WEB.xml configuration file.

      Thank you very much for your time, don't hesitate to tell me if i message is no clear enough or if you miss any information.

      Have a great Week-end !