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    Location of Custom Java Bean JAR !!!!!

    Praveen Newbie

      Hey Guys

      I have created my own bean classes and made the JAR of those files. Those beans i am referencing in my JSP's

      where do i need to keep this JAR, so that JSP can refer this ?

      i will apprecieate for quick response.


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          Greg Turner Apprentice

          Same place as you war file, the <server config>/deploy directory.

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            Bob OMalley Newbie

            To adhere to J2EE standards, and to enable these beans to be re-deployed when you deploy your application, you could put the jar file either:

            - within a WEB-INF/lib folder (i haven't tested with JBOSS)
            - Unpacked in a WEB-INF/classes folder (i haven't tested with JBOSS)

            or, a way that I HAVE tested with JBOSS and it works:

            - Ouside your WAR application in an EAR deployment. The EAR deployment would contain both your mybeans.jar file and your WAR file and it has another folder called META-INF that contains a file called application.xml. That application.xml file lists tags and one of the modules is a module with the name of your jar file. The other module is the name of your war file.

            Also, If you don't care if the beans are re-deployed dynamically (you can stop and restart the JBoss server to redeploy), then you should be able to put the jar file in C:\jboss-3.0.0_tomcat-4.0.3\lib\ext assuming your JBoss root is the same as mine.