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    JBuilder7 Jboss3.x

    Nguyen The Phuong Newbie

      I don't know why Borland do not support JBoss Server. But I think JBuilder is great EJB developement tools and JBoss is powerfull J2EE server.
      I have enable full function support for JBoss 3.x in JBuilder 7:
      - JSP compiler with Japer
      - Ear, War(Unzip), Jar deloy
      - CMP Datasource
      - CMP 2.0 Designer with Table, Field and Relation mapping

      Check it out at cvs.jboss-opentool.sourceforge.net/JBossJBuilderOT
      or send me email (phuongnt@ssp.com.vn).
      Let me know you comments or requests.
      When build and deploy war need : JasperCompiler and jboss-common.jar in classpath.