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    How to set up jboss to use windows odbc connection

    Ranieri Mazili Newbie


      I'm trying to do jboss use a windows odbc connection, but I haven't success.
      I've created a new odbc connection at Start->Settings->Control Panel-> Administrative Tools->Datasources (ODBC) called myODBCCon.
      It's returning sucess when I test this connection clicking on Test Connection Button.

      So... I've created odbc-ds.xml file at my project deploy directory:


      I don't have the error right now, but my question is about driver-class...
      Do I need to put something in the classpath to do sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver works properly?
      Am I forgetting some details in my odbc-ds.xml file?

      Thank you

      P.S: There's no possibility to use a jdbc driver right now, I really need to use a windows ODBC connection, please, don't ask about my reasons to use an ODBC connection.